Tamin atiye salamat alborz Knowledge-based company (Atiye Specialized laboratory) , This laboratory has been set up as an active laboratory in the fields of veterinary diagnosis, environment, food and medicine, analysis of animal feed, poultry, aquatic animals, milk, honey and production and research company.
Atieh Veterinary Laboratory
Veterinary is the science of recognizing animal diseases, including common diseases between humans and animals with specific animal diseases, disease prevention, as well as the science of human and animal nutrition.
Atieh Laboratory is operating by using experienced and specialized staff with laboratory facilities and suitable physical space with a history of several years.
This laboratory has taken great strides in the fields of veterinary medicine, food medicine, environment, standards and agriculture.
The main activities of the company:
All microbial tests of water and milk
Perform antibiogram test
Performing microbiological tests of various foods
Detection of mastitis and abortion agents by classical and molecular methods
Search and identification of different species of pathogenic and fungal viruses by molecular method
Performing fungal tests
Diagnosis of bee-related diseases
Diagnosis of equine diseases
Diagnosis of pet diseases
Food analysis
Chemical and microbial quality control of all raw and processed products
Biochemistry, serology and hematology
Performing all hematology tests on pets, livestock and wildlife with a specialized veterinary cell counter device
Perform ELISA tests
Perform poultry tests
Performing tests with an autoanalyzer
Perform immunology tests
Measurement of antioxidants
A variety of protein purification methods
Performing molecular tests
Determining the nature of permitted and unauthorized tissues in protein products by molecular methods
Identification of transgenic foods
Identification of microbial, viral and fungal pathogens by molecular methods
Sex determination and diagnosis of ornamental bird diseases
Molecular genotype determination of polygyny genes in different breeds of sheep
Diagnosis of viral diseases of aquatic animals, bees, cattle, sheep and horses
Histology and pathology
Determining the nature of permitted and unauthorized tissues in the field of meat fraud
Pathological tests
Department of Chemistry
Ability to perform various tests in the field of evaluation of pharmaceutical residues in raw animal products and animal feed and poultry
Measurement of toxins and toxins in food and feed
Measurement of antibiotic residues
Perform al
l tests for decomposition of human feed and feed for livestock and poultry
Perform all tests of environmental samples and water and wastewater
Perform soil and fertilizer sample tests
Research Department
Advice by experienced experts in various fields of veterinary medicine (diagnosis-treatment) to respected farmers
Holding various training courses as a facilitator of training and retraining courses in veterinary medicine in cooperation with the Alborz Veterinary System Council
Advice on running a laboratory and training staff
Carrying out research in the fields of laboratory activities
Conducting experimental research projects
Activities in the field of neuroscience
Production department
Production of animal serums
Production of hand and surface disinfectant solutions
Defibrillated blood production
Production of laboratory ready-to-use culture media
Production of laboratory dyes and reagents
Production of disinfectant, antifungal and anti-chlorine solutions used in the field of ornamental fish breeding and aquarium
Production of sterile egg yolk emulsions for laboratory use
Educational sections

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